David Caldaralo

In a few short years David has firmly established himself in the financial world, gaining a coveted position at a leading provider of foreign exchange services. His currency knowledge and ability to distinguish market movements make him a valuable part of the team and have led to his appointment as one of Future Currency Forecast’s main authors.

Douglas Palmer

During his time working in the financial sector Douglas’s expertise, dedication and analytical approach have seen him rise to become a senior trader for one the UK’s most prominent currency brokers. In his role Douglas has traded millions of pounds worth of funds for both private and corporate clients based across the globe.

Laura Parsons

As a currency analyst Laura follows political and economic developments on the global stage, applying the latest news to her studies of market trends and movements. Through her work Laura is able to offer guidance to businesses and individuals regarding protecting their funds from currency risk.

Luke Trevail

Luke Trevail has a degree in Newspaper and Magazine Journalism from Plymouth University. Upon his graduation, he went to work for a High Street bank and over saw the introduction of the FCA in branch for regulated products; becoming a member of the Junior Management team within 12 months of starting his job.

Luke now works as a Senior Trader for a leading foreign exchange broker, which involves working with the exchange rate markets on a daily basis. Luke writes up to date news on the currency markets which helps those looking to trade large amounts to make their trade at the best possible moment.

Luke Zorab

Luke has worked in FX for over four years and has a great deal of experience when dealing with clients from all walks of life. With views from inside the market, Luke has a great insight when writing commentary and reports for Future Currency Forecast, as Luke has a great grasp on the market data which may effect the exchange rates.