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NZD to USD Exchange Rate News and Forecasts

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s (RBNZ) decision to become the first developed-nation central bank to increase interest rates in early 2014 saw the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) rally across the board.

The New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar (NZD/USD) exchange rate particularly benefited from the tightening in monetary policy, climbing to a high of 0.87 US Dollars in 2014 after sitting at lows of 0.66 US Dollars in mid 2010. As the US Federal Reserve concluded its quantitative easing programme in 2014 and moved towards increasing borrowing costs, the NZD/USD exchange rate got stuck on a downward trajectory.

Please find our latest New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar (NZD/USD) exchange rate news and up-to-date currency forecasts below.